My Story

Lynn D Spencer

Lynn D Spencer


I am a very blessed husband, father, and grandfather. I am lucky to be married to an amazingly beautiful woman who is also my best friend and sweetheart. I have seven incredible children and seven beautiful grandchildren who bring who bring love, joy, and laughter into my life on a regular basis.

I am a Christian author (see the “Books” tab of this website) and a business owner. God has truly blessed me far more than I deserve.

But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, if I’m completely honest with you, I spent most of my life running away from God and religion. From my late teenage years through my mid-forties I ran away from God as hard and fast and far as I could run.


I was raised in a very religious family. Honestly, it was a good and loving family. Looking back on it all, I have a lot more appreciation and love for my family now than I did when I was a teenager.   During my youth my dad was a leader in our local church and my mom was someone who I would classify as a bit of a religious fanatic. I always felt like I had God and religion stuffed down my throat. As a child I felt like my parent’s religion and God were forced upon me, whether I wanted to be part of it or not. Church was not something we just did for an hour or two on Sunday. The church was our entire way of life and dictated how we lived.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I probably believed in God, but certainly not the God I was raised and taught to believe in. You see, the church I was raised in sincerely believes and preaches that if a person is not a member of that particular church, and does not live their lives righteously according to the standards, rules, and regulations of that church, they will not go to heaven. In fact, the church I was raised in teaches that non-church members, even if they believe in Jesus Christ and live good lives, will not be saved, and will not be in heaven.

There was something deep down in my soul and spirit that just never bought into this exclusionary concept and vision of God.

Even though I had been taught all of my life that our church was the only true church, and that all other churches were false, I simply could not bring myself to believe that a good loving God could be so harsh as to condemn most of his own children simply because they were not members of one specific church. That exclusionary “we are right and everyone else is wrong” concept of God just never resonated with me.

How can there possibly be thousands of different Christian churches in the world, full of people who all believe strongly in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and yet somehow God is going to punish most of them simply because they didn’t join the right church?

The mere concept truly defies everything I know about Jesus. Anyone who has read the New Testament portion of the Bible knows that Jesus Himself condemned the religious authorities for teaching a bunch of made up man-made laws and principles that simply aren’t true and are not from God.

As a result of being raised in such an exclusionary church, I rebelled in almost every way the son of a Christian church leader can rebel. Not only did I run from that particular church, I ran away from all kinds of religion. In fact, I literally ran from God. I didn’t want anything to do with such an exclusionary God; a God that would only save members of one church and condemn all others.

Then on August 25th, 2005 at about 8:25am, at the age of forty-five, while I was on my way to work, the most unexpected thing ever imaginable happened.

Jesus appeared to me, walking towards me on the side of the road.

I won’t go into all the details of that extraordinary event here, as it is detailed in my book “A Modern Day Witness to Jesus Christ”, downloadable for free on the “Books” tab of this website. But suffice it to say, that experience and everything I have experienced since, has changed my life forever.

Please take time to download and read the book from this website. Again, it is free.

There are seven very important messages contained in this book that the Lord wants me to share with you. These seven messages can change your life, just as this profound experience and these messages have changed mine.

It is also interesting to note that throughout my adult life, one of my biggest struggles has been a financial struggle. Although I have owned and operated numerous businesses throughout my life, and had some really good jobs for other people, I have consistently had a very difficult time financially. It seems like money and getting ahead financially has always been a serious struggle for me.

Such was the case at the time Jesus appeared to me. My wife and I were struggling financially, but at least I was employed and had an income. But what I didn’t know the day He appeared to me was that I was soon going to be unemployed, because the company I worked for at the time was about to close their doors and go out of business.

So imagine, if you can, that completely unexpectedly, the Savior of the world appears to you as you are driving to work one morning, walking towards you on the side of the road. What would you do? How would you handle it?

Feeling completely unworthy to meet or be in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, I didn’t stop when I saw Him walking along the side of the road towards me.   Knowing that I had spent most of my adult life running away from God, I felt guilty, ashamed, not worthy. So instead of stopping, I chose to just keep driving. But I did slow down and pass Him as slowly as possible without impeding traffic. My eyes could hardly believe what I was seeing. But it was real. It really was Jesus Christ.

What my eyes and mind caught that day, and what my spirit literally felt as I passed by Him on the road, are things I will never forget. They are etched into my memory, mind, and spirit forever. And have become a vital part of who I am now.

I share all of the things my eyes, mind, and spirit caught that day in my book, so I won’t repeat it all here. But the key thing I want to share with you, that is not in my book, is what has happened since everything that I detail in my book

After I saw the Lord walking on the side of the road that day, I had a burning desire to learn why He had chosen to appear to me. So I prayed and prayed and prayed. For days, and into weeks, and into months I prayed. And the answers came, just as He promises in His holy word in Matthew 7:7 (NIV) – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

In addition to the answers, I continued to experience many miraculous things, many of which I detail in my book.   And sure enough, as I was actively seeking God in prayer over those days, weeks, and months following His appearing to me, I lost my job and my income. And yet as part of everything the Lord was teaching me through continuous prayer and seeking, He also taught me more about money and finances than I have ever learned anywhere else. In fact, I would go so far as to say that He literally transformed us financially as we were seeking Him. I’ll share more about that in a moment.

I’m not really an author by trade. At least I certainly wasn’t an author at that point in my life. But the Lord asked me to write down everything I had experienced and everything He had taught me. So I did.

I got so excited so excited about all of the things He was teaching me regarding money and financial matters, I titled the first book I wrote “Becoming Debt Free God’s Way”.   Even though I was drowning in debt at the time, everything He was teaching me about money and finances made so much sense, and is so brilliant, I just knew God was going to help us get out of debt and put us on solid financial footing.

So I wrote “Becoming Dent Free God’s Way – A Financial Awakening” with visions of having a best-selling book in my hands. Towards the end of the book, I detailed the story of how Jesus appeared to me, and shared some of my experiences, almost as an afterthought.

When I finished my first book I was feeling enormously accomplished. I was ready to get it published and watch the sales roll in. I honestly believed that since it was a book inspired by God, that it was somehow guaranteed to be a best seller.

I’ll never forget what the Lord told me next. He said very clearly, “Lynn – write it again. Only this time focus on seeing me on the side of the road, the things I have taught you, and the seven messages I gave you to share with the world.”

My initial thought was, ‘God, do you not understand that we are almost broke, we have no income, and that I have been unemployed for months now?’ In fact, I may have even said it out loud to Him. I couldn’t believe what He was saying to me.

Perhaps I had misunderstood. After months and months of working on the book, did God really expect me to write it over again, knowing that would take a few more months, and not having a real income to support our family?

So I prayed and prayed, but His answer remained the same; “write it over again.”

Not wanting to disobey God, even though I was living off unemployment and credit cards, and getting further and further behind financially, I re-wrote the book as He told me to do. And my wife and I prayed and prayed and prayed for God’s divine guidance. At His direction, I titled the second book “A Modern Day Witness to Jesus Christ.” When I completed the second book, both my wife and I knew that this was the book that really mattered. This was the book that God wanted us to share with the world, because this book details many of my super-natural experiences.

We then sent both books off to the publisher. And when they arrived, I was so filled with excitement and enthusiasm I could hardly stand it. I was filled with anticipation of people lining up to buy them. I just knew that these books were going to be a hit with everyone that read them. After all, my experiences were real, everything I documented in the books is real and truthful, and these books are God directed, God inspired, and God-filled.   How could they not be popular?

Then once again, as I was praying for God to open all the right doors for us to get these books on the shelves of every retailer out there, I once again heard God clearly say something I had not anticipated or even considered. He said to me, “I want you to give them away to people.”

What? Are you serious God? Do you understand how much time, energy, and money we have invested into these books? And now you want me to give them away? “Yes”, came His answer. I freely admit that this was NOT what I expected. And for a while, I was completely bewildered, baffled, and confused.

But not wanting to disobey God, I did what I was told, and started giving the books away to people.

At first I took what I considered to be the safe route, and only gave them away to friends, family, and a couple of Pastors we knew. I quickly came to realize that I was not getting the kind of response I thought. My own family and friends looked at me like I was from another planet. One of our favorite Pastors at the time literally almost stopped speaking to us. And the other Pastor I shared my books with gave me the most critical review I have ever received. It quickly became obvious to me that this was not going to be an easy road.

Nevertheless, I continued to give the books away as I had been instructed to do. Regardless of people’s reactions, I gave them away every chance I got.

Then one day, out of the blue, I got a call from a good friend of mine who had worked at the same company I was at when the Lord appeared to me. I had given him my books, and he had read them with an open mind. He told me about a new company starting up that was specifically helping people get out of debt and get onto more solid financial footing. He invited me to meet with him and the owners to see if I was interested in working with them. So I went.

It turned out to be a software company that had created a software that would literally save people tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, and help them become debt free much faster and sooner than most people think is possible. After talking everything over with my wife, we decided to pray about it and ask God if this was something He wanted us to get involved with.

For as long as I live, I’ll never forget His answer. He said, “who do you think put you in that chair?” In other words, God had opened that door of opportunity for us, and was saying to me, “all you have to do is walk through it.”

So we joined that company. And for the next three months I threw myself into it with everything I had. We told everyone we knew how they could save tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest with this amazing software program, and become completely debt free far faster than they ever could have imagined. And at the end of those first three months, I had made exactly zero sales. Yup – zero sales – zero income.

Talk about being discouraged! By this time we were so broke we were on the verge of bankruptcy, and it seemed we were going to lose everything. I started to question everything God had told me. Even though I knew I had heard everything He said to me very clearly, none of it was making sense.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do at that point…I got down on my knees and prayed. I asked God, “Do you want me to just go get a job? We need an income Lord, what do you want me to do? You told me to give the books away and not sell them. You told me it was you who put me in that chair, meeting the owners of this software company, and so I pursued it, just like I thought you wanted me to do. But we have no income Lord, and we are almost bankrupt. Should I just give up and go get a job?”

And once again, I’ll never forget what He said to me. “You could, but you’d only be helping yourself. If you persist, you’ll help thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of people.”

Wow! Did God just say that to me? He did. So I persisted. And before long, almost out of the blue, we got our first sale, then our second, and third, and within a matter of just a few months our income had surpassed any income I had ever experienced in my life. In fact, between the software helping us power down our debts, and the increased income that the Lord was providing, just eighteen months later we were completely debt free, including our mortgage.

That’s a story that I could not make up. It’s a real and true story that I could never have imagined or dreamed. At the time the Lord appeared to me we had well over $300,000 in debt. We were literally drowning in debt. And yet, just eighteen months later we were completely debt free, and had a stronger income than we had ever experienced in our entire lives. God had indeed blessed us beyond measure.

During those eighteen months, I had actually only made about thirty-three personal sales and recruited those same thirty-three people. Hardly anything to get excited about, and certainly not even close to enough income to pay off our massive debts. And yet our team, the entire team we were overriding, had grown to about thirty three thousand in number. God had literally increased and multiplied our efforts by a thousand!

Then one day I saw a friend post a specific scripture on Facebook that jumped off the screen at me. It was from Deuteronomy 1:11 “And may the Lord, the God of your ancestors, multiply you a thousand times more and bless you as He promised.”  Yes, God had literally multiplied my efforts by one thousand, and we were reaping a harvest we didn’t sow. God is faithful.

God wants to bless you abundantly as well.  It is not just me, or just my family… I am absolutely certain that God wants to bless you more than you can possibly imagine.  How do I know this?  Because there are over 6000 promises in the Bible for those who put their faith, hope, and trust in the Lord.

Here is one such promise: “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters.” Galatians 5:13 (NLT)  Most people, even many Christians, might think that verse only pertains to God wanting us to live in freedom from sin.  But it is far more encompassing than that.  God wants us to live our lives in freedom from fear, worry, pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, disease, and even wants us to live a life of financial freedom.  In John 10:10 (AMP) Jesus tells us, “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].”

You see, God blesses us for a purpose and a reason. It is not all about us. We are simply stewards, and temporary stewards at that. One day we will all pass from this temporary life on this earth. The death rate in this world is still at 100%.  But the good news is; those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ will live forever. I have learned that God doesn’t really care about money.  He doesn’t need it.  But what He does care about is our character.  Once we put all of our faith and trust in Him, and allow Him to develop our character to give us the right focus, purpose, mission, and ministry, He promises to bless us abundantly so that we can then be a blessing to others.

One of my favorite passages of scripture is found in 2 Corinthians 9:8-11.  I especially love this passage in the Message version. “God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything, more than just ready to do what needs to be done. As one psalmist puts it, He throws caution to the winds, giving to the needy in reckless abandon. His right-living, right-giving ways never run out, never wear out. This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God.”

Wow – what a powerful promise!  God blesses us abundantly first, so that we can then be generous with others.

Now, you might be thinking, “but Lynn, God doesn’t bless everyone the way He has blessed you. I just don’t think or believe that God would ever bless me so abundantly.”  My answer to that is also found in God’s word.  In Matthew 9:29 (AMP) Jesus states, “According to your faith [your trust and confidence in My power and My ability] it will be done to you.”  And there’s the key – “according to our faith in Jesus.”

Recently I was out walking in my neighborhood early in the morning, and out of the blue, with nothing in particular on my mind, God suddenly spoke to me.  He said to me, “Lynn – life is about relationships. Your relationship with God. Your relationship with others. Your relationship with money. And your relationship with yourself.”  So simply stated, yet so incredibly powerful!

There are so many things that I can teach you and help you with regarding money and relationships.  God Himself has taught me so many things over the past 15 years.  I can help you become debt free faster than you ever thought or dreamed possible.  I can help you start fresh and build your future on a solid foundation.  And I can help you understand God’s biblical principles about money and relationships.  But most importantly, I can help you develop a right relationship with Jesus Christ.  That’s where it all begins.

So there you have it. There’s my story.  Jesus Christ is very real. He is absolutely unquestionably alive. He is as real as you and I are, perhaps even more so, and He loves you!

I strongly urge you to go to the books tab on this website and download and read my book “A Modern Day Witness to Jesus Christ.” There are seven very real, very important messages in that book that everyone should read, know, and take to heart, beginning with message number one: Time is Short! The book is free, and I promise you that you’ll be glad you took the time to read it.

And finally, please do me a huge favor and share my website, my story, and my free book “Modern Day Witness to Jesus Christ” with others. Make them aware of these things. When you do, I believe God will bless you in amazing ways.

My three greatest passions in life are my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my extraordinary family, and my love and passion for helping others.

May God bless you and your family in every way as you actively seek Him.  Matthew 6:33 says “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.”